Prayer is a weapon in the hand of the believer.
-DR D.K Olukoya
Prayer in the Hebrew bible is a means of interacting with GOD.
Prayer is a method of changing a situation for the better.
Now, my own definition for prayer…..
Prayer is an instrument for spiritual warfare in the hand of a person that believes there is GOD to combat the enemies, a tool to open and close spiritual doors, a means/language of communicating in the spirit to/with GOD, something you use to control the physical from the spiritual.
You can share your own definition in the comment section…..
Have you ever wondered why you try to pray sometimes but you can’t? Maybe it’s because you are depending on the wrong source for help, prayer is a spiritual exercise, it’s only the Spirit that can help you pray, the flesh can’t, so kindly quit relying on your flesh to help you pray, depend on the HOLY SPIRIT for help because the flesh profits nothing, only the spirit gives life. John 6:63
After asking the HOLY SPIRIT for help, we also need to take steps, don’t just sit and expect the HOLY SPIRIT to put you on your knees, go on your knees and HE’LL come help you pray as you ought to………

So you pray for hours each day and despite all of your prayers you still get no result, it looks like nothing is happening and you want to give up on GOD, you’re very tired… maybe there is something you’re not getting right, maybe there is something you’re not seeing, I have listed here 8 reasons your prayers are not being answered, read through and you might just find the solution to your problem but please read in spirit, let the spirit lead you so you know which point is for you or not for you.
1. You might be praying for the right thing at the wrong time: The Israelites requested for a king from GOD when it wasn’t time yet, just a little patience and GOD would have given them a better king than Saul but they weren’t patient at all, they just wanted a King by all means and GOD gave them King Saul in HIS wrath and took HIM away in HIS anger before then giving them King David, a man after HIS own heart that will do as HE says. Maybe if GOD gives you that thing you seek now, it will ruin you.
2. Your faith: the bible says, whatsoever you desire, pray for it believing you’ll receive it which means before you ask anything from GOD, you must first believe that HE can do it. Besides what is the point praying or asking when you have concluded HE won’t answer? So make sure you pray and have faith that your requests will be granted.
I think you should also know that
“FAITH is a catalyst that boosts answers to prayers.”
3. Is there any sin in your life? The word of GOD says in Isaiah 59:1-2, the hand of the LORD is not short to save us neither HIS ears heavy that HE cannot hear us but our sins have separated us from HIM. It’s very possible your sin is what has separated you from GOD that HE can’t hear you and that HIS hands cannot save you though they are not short so why not look within yourself and cry to the HOLY SPIRIT to help you get rid of every sin in your life so GOD can look on you with compassion and have mercy on you. You can also pray with this scripture, Psalms 139:23-24
4. Have you forgiven those that offended you? The word of GOD says in the book of Mark, forgive your enemies so that your father in heaven too will forgive you, if you do not forgive those that has offended you, GOD too won’t forgive you. Mark 11:25-26
Apart from what’s even in the bible, have you not noticed that having grudges against people affects your emotions, it gives you unnecessary emotional stress? Rather than let anger burn inside of you giving you unnecessary emotional pains, why not let love burn inside of you and feel heavenly peace, do not even forget, GOD is love (1John 4:8), allowing love rule your heart is same as allowing GOD rule your heart…. isn’t that a good thing?
5. Are you really born again? If you’re not for GOD then you are for the devil, nobody can sit on the fence. Matthew 6:24, 2 timothy 2:4
If you claim to be for GOD and you still do the things of the devil then you do not belong to GOD but to the devil, GOD is a jealous GOD, HE’LL never share HIS child with the devil. So are you really born again? Have you denied yourself completely and picked up your cross? If not then you’re not worthy to be a disciple of CHRIST talk less of being called a child of GOD.
6. Are you praying with faith and working? Hope you are not a party of those that pray with faith to get breakthrough in their jobs but are very lazy in the same job? If you are, then it’s time to move out of that group, prayer + faith won’t do anything except you add work to them which then becomes Prayer + Faith + hard/smart work = success.
7. Are you praying as you ought to? There is a popular quote that “A part time Christian cannot defeat a fulltime devil” which is very true because the devil is always roaming about every second seeking who he’ll devour, all he needs is just a little slumber from you and he’ll gladly come into your life and hinder all of your prayers and breakthroughs. So praying occasionally and not frequently as you ought to will definitely give the devil the chance to devour you without mercy. Pray without ceasing! 1 Thessalonians 5:17, 1 Peter 5:8 and
8. Are you attacking the root of your problems?
Every problem has a root, dealing with the branches is not enough because another branch can still grow but destroying the root will definitely put an end to the branches, stem etc, so deal with the root of your problem not the branch if you do not want the same problem reoccurring.
Deal with it from the root and the problem leaves like good riddance to bad rubbish.
I hope this helps.
I pray GOD helps us all to make use of all the potentials, HE has deposited in us and using some terms in economics, I pray we are able to satisfy all of the demands heaven has placed on us in JESUS name. AMEN
Lamina Oluwadamilare
All rights reserved

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