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Balance the equation.

Our GOD is sovereign, HE is mighty in battle, HE is an omnipotent GOD, an omnipresent GOD, ruler of the universe, Yaweh.etc.
We have read about who GOD is in the scriptures and some ministers have tried to teach and make us know or understand who HE is.
To sum up all we have read or being told about GOD, we can say, GOD is the most powerful or mighty of all the gods in existence.
In school, theoretical teaching might not really give one an in-depth understanding of a topic or course but a practical demonstration will do, being directly involved is even an added advantage because you tend to learn more and you are able to define what you have learnt in your own terms.
The impact what we have heard or read about GOD will have on us will be very little if compared to actually having a practical experience of who GOD is i.e. when we have a personal encounter or relationship with GOD, when we know GOD for ourselves then all those things we have read or heard makes more sense to us, becomes more clear and real to us.
You have read or heard that GOD is powerful, though you might agree but experiencing GOD’S power yourself brings 101% conviction to your heart, maybe when you were told, you doubted but immediately GOD demonstrates HIS power in your life, you won’t need anybody or anything to convince you before you believe because you have had a practical experience.
If GOD is everything we know, powerful, strong, mighty, gracious, merciful, all these things will be useless if they are not functioning.
If you do not have any weakness that makes you depend on GOD then the existence and attributes of GOD will be useless, what do you call something that is available but cannot be used for anything? Imagine having two trucks for the same purpose, one will be useful while the other one will rot where it is, one might just occasionally use the other truck just so it doesn’t look neglected.
In 2 Corinthians chapter 12:9, GOD told Paul that HIS power is made perfect in weaknesses which can literarily be interpreted as, you are weak so you know that I(GOD) am the only one that has the power to save and give you assurance of peace + victory, you are weak so you know for sure that you are just a man, nothing but a man, ordinary sand, you are weak so you know and understand that I am the only GOD that can help you, the only GOD that can save you from addictions, depression, marital issues etc.
I was inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to write this article so you reading this know and understand that because you are struggling with any addiction whatsoever does not spell the end for you or mean you can never live a normal life again and have an intimate relationship with GOD, it’s just to build you and make you understand practically that you need to depend on GOD for everything because it is never, will never and can never be by your own power that you are able to do anything tangible but by the SPIRIT of GOD.
In the bible, John Chapter 9:1-7, a man was born blind, JESUS and HIS disciples saw the man and they asked HIM, why was this man born blind, is it because of the sins of his parents or his own personal sins, JESUS answered them and said, it isn’t because of sin but so the power of GOD can be demonstrated in the life of the man and immediately, JESUS used mud and spit to rub his eyes and ordered him to go wash his face in a pool, the man obeyed and came back seeing.
The man was not born blind because he was a bad person, he was blind because GOD wanted to show HIS power in the life of the man so other men can glorify GOD and even give their lives to HIM.
You must have tried so many means, the best of your power or ability to get cured of that disease but everything has ended in vain, it is because you are nothing but man, it is because you have to depend on GOD and HE also wants to demonstrate HIS power in your life.
Whatever situation you find yourself in, whether it is a negative addiction, academic failure, or marital issues or your business is at the edge of the mountain about to be sent crashing down to the ground by just a little push never think GOD is far from you or not interested in your case, HE is at centre of it all just waiting for you to come to the reality and understanding that you need HIS help to overcome anything at all.
NOTE: You need to give GOD permission to take the wheel of your life from you, you have a choice to either call on HIM or run from HIM but the best choice you can make is call on HIM.
Rather than run away from HIS presence, forsake the gathering of the saints and stop praying, with the thought in your head that GOD doesn’t love you or won’t listen to you if you pray, just be sincere, tell HIM you can’t help yourself, tell HIM you want to depend on HIM, tell HIM to come demonstrate HIS power in your life, once you do this, HE will be willing to help you and bring you out of the mess you are in.
Having problems and calling on GOD is an equation, the equation is however not complete or balanced when you are having problems and you refuse to call on GOD, you will get a result you do not want.
You + problems = 100%defeat. You + problems + GOD = You + GOD= 100%Victory
Right now, do the needful, you are having issues already, balance the equation, call to GOD and HE will help you.
GOD loves you the way you are and is willing to help if only you will allow HIM……
Lamina Oluwadamilare.
All rights reserved.

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