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It has been three (3) years and I can still remember the 1st time we met like it happened some minutes ago.
It wasn’t a sunny day in fact that day the weather was bad, the sky kept giving signs it was going to cry very soon, very dull and everywhere was just half dark making it look like the sun refused to come back to this part of the earth that day.
All of a sudden a mild wind started, blowing everything in sight, papers, nylon, sand etc some slim folks had to walk carefully so the wind doesn’t sweep them off their feet but the cynosure of all eyes were these “S.U guys” fond of putting on extra large trousers, the wind was blowing their trousers left to right, north to south and vice-versa, making their trousers look like skirt, it was a sight to behold and I laughed to my satisfaction, may GOD forgive me if that was a sin though.
But I feel spirituality shouldn’t make you dress like a clown, even, there are some doors GOD will open for you but your dress sense all in the name of being spiritual will make the gateman doubt if what is behind that door is meant for you, dress smartly but it’s just my opinion so it doesn’t really matter.
So baby, some people were running and some walking as fast as they could in other to get to their destination before the sky starts shedding tears but then I saw a lady walking majestically like she can stop the rain or knows someone that can do that till she gets to her destination.
You were walking elegantly with so much pride but no arrogance, I was waiting for a friend under a tree that day but your character attracted me to you, maybe you have always thought it was your beauty but no, it was your character, I am short sighted, can’t see clearly from far even with my glasses, it’s that bad, so I didn’t see your face that day before I approached you, it was only when I got closer to you that I realized you are the real definition of beauty combined with excellence .
Excuse me, are you assistant JESUS or deputy GOD? was the first question that I asked you, though I just gave it a try, ready to receive whatever reply I got in good fate, I even had Jay Z’s lyrics on my mind, “hoping for the best but expecting the worse” but your reply gave me mixed feelings, far from what I was expecting, you smiled and said, bro, GOD is my father and I so much have faith and believe it won’t rain till I get home, I was happy you replied nicely but shocked by what you said.
Just like JESUS said in Luke 7:9 and I quote, I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel, I said to myself, I have found no great faith like this in Ogun State.
Though you tried to brotherzone me, I knew that very moment I will be yours and you will be mine but I never knew it was going to be this long.
Our journey together has been blissful, one of the best things that has happened to me, every time I remember this day, I am always glad I took the bold step of talking to you.
Maybe it was adrenaline rush that gave me the confidence to speak to you or the HOLY SPIRIT that possessed me, I don’t know yet but whatever pushed me, I am grateful it did.
Sometimes I am scared of losing you but I believe it will never happen because we built our relationship in GOD on the foundation of love, this gives me assurance our relationship cannot crash. We chose the right location and foundation, there is nothing to fear.
I just want to promise you some things and I believe the HOLY SPIRIT will help me not to break any of these promises.
Though I am not GOD, I promise not to leave nor forsake you.
I am not MTN but I promise to be with you everywhere you go or any situation you find yourself in, whether good or bad.
I promise to work hard rather than sit down and do nothing shouting I receive it in church so I can take proper care of you and our kids.
I am not the HOLY SPIRT but I promise to always comfort you.
I promise to be a good husband, leader, father, teacher and listener.
Whatever happens, I promise to remain true to you.
Many promises I would have written but to save ink and paper I prefer to have them at the centre of my heart.
I love you my lady and I vow to fulfil all of my promises written on paper and the ones written in my heart by the power vested in me by the HOLY GHOST.
Lamina Oluwadamilare.
All rights reserved.

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