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In our world today, we are used to blaming the devil for every bad things that happen to us because that is how it has been since ages past and this is one of the reasons, we are not moving forward most especially we Africans.
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Most of the things we blame the devil for are actually our own fault.
You failed an important examination because you didn’t study hard enough for it, is that the devil’s fault? You lost your job because you are fond of late coming and confidently displaying a lackadaisical attitude towards your job, is that the devil’s fault? You were involved in a ghastly accident and lost a part of your body because you failed to do a proper check up on your vehicle before going out, is that the devil’s fault too? Your marriage was destroyed because of your own bad habit that you failed to deal with, whether sex or a negative addiction or bad character before you got married, is that the devil’s fault too?
It is only when we begin to take responsibilities for some of the things happening to us and stop blaming the devil that we begin to get solutions to those problems.
Let me use this as an example, few years ago, during summer, there used to be constant and serious heat.
A particular day, I decided to sleep on the floor rather than the bed and the next morning, I woke up with terrible body pains that led to a terrible sickness, I thought it was normal, I didn’t realize what was happening to me.
After I recovered, I slept on the floor again and same thing happened, this reoccurred 4 times before I realized my body doesn’t want me on the floor so I stopped sleeping on the floor and since 2015, I have not had any terrible sickness except the usual pains from stress.
Assuming I started blaming the devil for being terribly ill 4 times consecutively, I might have been to different pastors or herbalists and spent money I should not have spent.
That is the case with most of us, the mess we find ourselves in currently is 100% our own fault.
Some of us are lazy and until we accept this fact and deal with this laziness, we might never get out of the mess we are in or get a solution to our problems.
Looking through the scriptures, 2kings chapter 5:16-27, Gehazi, the greedy servant of a prophet that would have turned out to be a great prophet himself ended up becoming leprous not because of the devil but because of his own bad character that he failed to tame or control.
My point now is, before you start blaming the devil for the bad situation you are in, check yourself properly and be sure you are not responsible for what is happening to you.
If you are responsible for what is happening to you, ask GOD for grace to overcome the habit or situation.
NOTE: the more you blame the devil for what is your fault, the longer the problem stays because you are not hitting the right target.
GOD bless you and I love you.
Lamina Oluwadamilare.
All rights reserved.


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