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Photo Credit: www.pixels.com

Today I want to tell you all the story of a lady, believe me, it’s quite an interesting one and you’ll learn a thing or two too. Am I lying or telling the truth? Well! Read to find out.
She has natural beauty and she knows it, she is more beautiful without her make-up and she knows it, just like the sun brightens the day, that is the same way her beauty brightens her face, everyone that sees her will always glorify GOD for creating a masterpiece like her, true, there are pretty ladies but one thing makes her unique, unlike other ladies, she does not have to use any make-up to spice her beauty, she is beautiful just the way she is, no jewelleries ,no painting nothing, just pure natural beauty.
She is every guy’s dream, no guy can walk past her and not stare at her, her beauty is charming and attractive, even ladies, some compliment her and some envy her but none can deny the fact that she’s beautiful.
Lest I forget, Because of her immense beauty, her parents decided to name her BEAUTY, yes!!! Right from being a little child, she has been beautiful.
Now you know her name, let’s continue the story with her name.
Beauty grew up to be very responsible, my thought used to be, “All beautiful ladies have ego, they’re always very arrogant and proud.” but Beauty changed my mind about this, lest I forget again, she is the only child of her parents but that doesn’t really matter though, she’s worth more than a child, she’s like 4 children embedded in just 1 child.
Like I said earlier, she changed the perspective in which I view beautiful ladies, she made me realize, most arrogant beautiful ladies are either not brought up properly by their parents or they refused to listen to their parents, it’s not actually that any beautiful lady I see must be arrogant, she made me realize there are beautiful ladies that are actually responsible.
Beauty grew up in the way that she should go and could not even depart from it after she grew older because her parents taught her the way she should go.
Let me just cut the long story short and hit the nail on the head with a sledge hammer.
Beauty gained admission in to the university and we all thought she was going to change negatively, we thought she was going to be influenced by the university life but then we were actually right, she wasn’t influenced at all, oh! You actually thought we were right? We were wrong 100%, she came out not on top of her class but as one of the best, she came out decent, I was shocked to find out Beauty came out of the university a virgin! Whaaattt!!!! How come? Due to my curiosity, I decided to stop studying this angel in human flesh from far and decided to move close to her, what’s her secret? I must find out.
Well sit back and relax to find out the secret of this superhuman on the next episode of Beauty.

Lamina OLuwadamilare.
All rights reserved.

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