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Before you get any product you requested for delivered to you from any online store, notably konga, Jumia,Alibaba etc.
You have to pay first with your card, even if you do not pay before the stuff you ordered is brought to you, before it is handed to you, before you are able to claim ownership, you’ll definitely have to pay or you won’t get it.
And if you request for a thing of #5,000 they won’t bring something of #6,000 not to even talk of #15,000, it’s what you requested for, what your money can afford that you will get.
Applying this to our lives, you will agree with me that getting a thing out of life requires a price, you pay to get what you want.
Using this other illustration, you were privileged to get a job at a company of your dreams, maybe shell, Microsoft or Google without going through any rigorous interview, maybe you were recommended for the job by a friend or family member and without any delay, you were given the job, you will agree with me that to keep the job you have to be able to deliver what the company needs or expects from you and to deliver, you have to work hard and smart.
Look at this also, Adam didn’t pay any price for him to be put in the Garden of Eden but to remain there, he had to pay a price and the price there was obedience.
Although the tree looked beautiful, GOD told he and his wife not eat from it, although the fruit looked good, GOD warned them to desist from looking at it lustfully but they both could not pay the price, to cut the long story short, they ended up disobeying and they were kicked out of the garden, they could not pay the price and they couldn’t keep the prize.
I used three (3) illustrations or examples here, the first one to explain how you need to pay the price before you get what you want and the other two to explain how you might pay no price to get some things but to keep those things, you have to pay a price.
To get to some heights in the spiritual realm, you have to pray and also fast when necessary.
Apostle Ayo Babalola prayed and fasted throughout his stay on earth and we all saw or heard about the results, he was able to command one of the greatest revivals in history. Check here to read a little bit about him.
To be an excellent student, you have to read as much as you ought to read so you can know as much as you ought to know to get good grades in every examination you are involved in.
To be a good footballer, talent isn’t enough, though Lionel Messi is talented, he trains every day after the regular training with his team mates at Barcelona, no wonder he shines in almost every game.
The bottom line now is, to get those things you want, you need to start paying the price for them now by doing things that will enable you achieve them.
My candid advice also is, ask for the help of the HOLY SPIRIT because the word of GOD says, it is not by power or might but by the SPIRIT of GOD.
HE will help you and give you strength when you are weak.
Don’t pay less, if you pay less, you get less.
Lamina Ouwadamilare
All rights reserved

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