Looking at the kind of league Higuain is coming from, I feel he is prepared for the Premier league and has everything in him to succeed there and possibly secure a long term future at the club but there is one bad news, age is not really on his side, he is 30, but I guess he can still play at top level till 32-35.

Serie A is a very physical league, kind of a lil bit more physical than the premier league so I think he won’t have a problem with that in England + he is flexible and knows how to dribble his way around defenders pretty good.
But he has bad luck, a serious concern for Chelsea, he is not always decisive in big games, he fades, disappears, evaporates etc. in big games which is really not what Chelsea needs now so Chelsea fans, start fasting and praying also for your new recruit.
Higuain’s transfer is a big relief to Hazard, he can now play in his favourite position and not the false 9 he struggles with and I guess Sarri will spare him the rod now because he will definitely start to shine again.

The possibility of Higuain succeeding at Chelsea is high as far as I am concerned, about 75% chance of success but he is a short term solution, he is 30, Chelsea needs a long term solution, I think they should give Tammy Abraham a chance, the guy is good, his 17 goals in the championsip this season for Aston Villa is a proof plus he is just 21, a very long term future if he grabs the opportunity with both hands, is consistent and stays put also.
In summary, Higuain is a plus for Chelsea and a relief to Hazard.
Congrats Higuain, I wish you success but hope you don’t always have a nice game against Manchester United.
Lamina Oluwadamilare
All rights reserved.

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