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I love GOD with the whole of me
though my character doesn’t speak volume of it
I just know that I love GOD.
I can’t remember the last time I flipped through the
Pages of the HOLY BOOK not to even talk of thorough
reading to implant the contents into my heart but
I know that I love GOD, I am sure.
They said prayer is a way of communicating with the one I love but I hardly do that though I love him.
I hardly feel any guilt after every of my bad actions
that clearly interprets my disobedience to HIS
commandments, laws and instructions and
making it obvious I am making the death of HIS only
SON a waste and even hurting his gentle and loving HOLY SPIRIT according to some of what I have read in
the HOLY BOOK but I still love HIM.
I feel very lazy and uninterested in doing 99% of
the things that Will draw me closer to HIM
but I love HIM.
I have tried so many times to do things that will
demonstrate my love for HIM rather than mere words
but I can’t help myself.
The truth be told, I need help, fellow Christian brothers
and sisters, a soldier is down and almost out, please
kindly come to his aid.
Lamina Oluwadamilare
All rights reserved

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