She promised to come back soon but she failed to fulfil her promise, more than two months absence is no longer “coming back soon” it’s already a very long time especially when it’s someone you love.
Although she is back now and I am happy, I cannot forget everything that happened in her absence in a hurry.
Reminiscing on those incidents, I feel really glad she is back now and just hope she doesn’t unleash one of her ugly traits that makes me curse at her.
When she left some months ago, I was left at the mercy of this cruel one, but seriously, “cruel” is an understatement but that’s the most suitable word to describe her in my brain for now.

She derives maximum pleasure in seeing me get dirty from my head to the smallest toe on my feet and these reckless drivers, especially the truck drivers, helped her ministry to a very large extent.
Every time, I leave home looking fresh and neat but after walking for just 5mins, I already look like someone that’s been walking for 3hours, my slippers already dirty, my face untidy, just very awkward look and I just wish my fav person was around to save me from this physical torture.
But truth be told, when my fav person was around, I never knew how important she was because she overdid things most times, there were times I slipped and fell because she made the earth too wet, there was a day, I was donned with my glad rag plus my best sandals, though a part of me didn’t feel comfortable in that dress, another part of me kept reminding me of the kind of people (ladies especially) I will meet at the store so I made up my mind, got dressed and left, few metres to the store and my fav person overdid her shit again, I started to perceive this casssavalike odour and I was wet from my head to my toes, my clothe was actually starched, local starch for that matter, I couldn’t go back home because I was already some kilometres away from home and just few metres to the shop, damn you! I said to her, I had to go that way and just hope nobody perceives same thing I am perceiving, though I got cold stares, I just programmed my mind to believe it’s cause of my wet clothe and not cause of the ugly smell oozing from my clothe, this is just few amongst many of what her “overdoing things” trait has caused.
Well she is back now and I promise not to swear at her again and I hope she doesn’t overdo anything this time, I hope she doesn’t give people at Lekki and other places too many issues this year.

I will just try to enjoy every moment with her and enjoy the goodies(the cold weather, wet ground etc.) she brings with her.
I really love rainy season, honestly, I just hope this one doesn’t cause flood and damage roads too.
Lamina Oluwadamilare
All rights reserved.

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