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In my imagination, I have travelled to about 7 countries
In the world, 1 in Africa, 1 in Asia, 3 in Europe and 2 in North America.
I’ve dated the best girl on campus in my imagination
I’ve been the president of Nigeria too, in fact ruling for two terms (8 years)
In my imagination, I’ve gone into the future and married a beautiful woman as a 27 year old man and even had 3 kids, a boy and two girls.
I have been the best athlete the world has ever seen,
In my imagination, I have achieved a lot but none reflects in real life.
My imagination is cool but I am not.
My imagination has not changed the ordinary guy that I am.
These days, I have started to have this feeling, I cannot continue to sit and imagine things without putting any tangible effort into having them in the real life that matters.
Imaginations are things that we see with the inner eyes that need physical effort to be brought to the real world where it can be seen with physical eyes.
Nobody recognizes imaginary achievements because it doesn’t add value to anything or anyone.
Imaginations begin to make sense only when they begin to manifest physically, this I have learnt.
My advice to everyone including myself is, lets make all of our invisible achievements visible by taking deliberate actions to bring our imaginations into reality because this is only when we set the vehicle of our lives on the route to the destination called fulfilment of destiny.
I pray GOD helps us all in JESUS name.

Lamina Oluwadamilare.
All rights reserved.

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