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When I read in the bible, the part we were told to love other people as ourselves, I thought it was something impossible to do, can I control myself to love or not to love? I have always wondered but finally, I started to see and understand that I can actually decide to love or not to.
I guess loads of people will agree with me that love is a feeling.
Only few will agree love is an energy.
Yes! Love is an energy and it can be directed at any direction one pleases to direct it, only few has realized this and I recently just joined the few not because I am the smartest dude alive but because the experiences I have had in the past has convinced me to accept and believe this.
You will agree with me on this if you do a proper check on yourself with past experiences you have had etc.
All the things you love, even the ones you were forced to love, you loved these things because you decided to direct your love energy in that direction.
Because of the love/pleasure I derive from football, I decided to direct my love energy in that direction and so I fell completely in love with the sport.
You can decide to love a thing/person or not to, everything depends on you.
I hope you now agree with me that love is an energy that can be directed at anything or person you please? If your answer is positive then, I advise you to direct your love energy far from negative people, things and habits.
You know sugar isn’t good for you but you love Pepsi too much, now that you know you can control your love energy as you please, I advise you to direct your love energy to another thing, replace your love for Pepsi with love for another drink that doesn’t have as much sugar as Pepsi.
Loving a guy or lady that doesn’t love you is total waste of your love energy, stop wasting it, there are people who need it, go give it to them.
Direct your love energy far from those “friends” that do not add anything tangible to your life, those ones that only talk about the latest trends, shoes, women etc. but always suck at talking about their own future, they aren’t even sure if they have one, these ones won’t help your destiny, direct your love energy far from them.
Direct your love energy towards GOD and HE will help you to even love HIM more and more.
Just to pour the cold water on the body on a cold morning without any hesitation (that feeling makes me cringe in shock and excitement simultaneously), direct your love energy towards positive things that will move your life forward and direct it far from anything negative that will keep you stuck on a spot or take you back to the hole you have crawled out from and long forgotten about.
And finally, I will advise we depend on GOD because seriously we can only try, we are just “human,” our strength most times can’t help us do the good things we want to do so I pray and hope GOD helps us all to direct our love energy on things that will move our lives forward and at the same time glorify HIM in JESUS name. AMEN!

Lamina Oluwadamilare
All rights reserved

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