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A soldier is down 2.

I needed help and I expected Christian brothers and sisters to come to my aid but all they did was murmur and talk about me.
He is good for nothing, if he can’t pray for himself
let him rot and die with/in his problems
When I heard this, I started to wonder and ponder
if the bible is filled with lies like some people have said
because I remembered a part in the bible, James 5:16 or so where
Bro Paul said Christians should help one another.
But oh wait!
That’s an advice and anyone can take or discard an advice.
The bible is not filled with lies as I thought earlier, it’s just these “brothers and sisters” that has refused to take the advice.
I resign myself to my fate
Nobody wants to help another Christian rise, they
Just want to watch him drown in the ocean of ungodliness
I have problems I am facing also, let him deal with his
Own problems himself, this they say also.
But GOD is too quiet also or maybe HE doesn’t care at all
What kind of a father keeps quiet when his son is dying?

Lamina Oluwadamilare. LEigas
All rights reserved.

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