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Nigeria is not the “Tower of Babel.”

So there was a time in the BC, the human race became a threat to the host of heaven and the only option/way to stop the threat posed by the human race was to change their means of communication, i.e. their language from one to thousands.

The reason for the change of language is to break the chord of unity amongst them because this will hinder them from continuing the unpleasant project they have embarked on.

Since then, language has been a barrier, something that distinguishes a group of people from one another.

Nigeria according to statistics has over 180,000,000 people and 400 languages, no wonder the nation is so divided to the extent some people are even agitating for a new nation from the present one.

GOD achieved the goal of stopping human from completing the project by breaking asunder their bonds of unity by using Mr Language as an agent of confusion, agent of disunity.

Ruminating on this, one will realize, if people of a nation despite the differences in their languages and culture can come together and fix the bond of unity between them, what they can achieve is definitely going to be unlimited, far above excellent.
If the Hausas stop seeing the Igbos as a different people from them but rather see them as brothers, and the Yorubas do not see the Urhobos as a different people to them, to cut the long story short, if we all in Nigeria can come together as one and stop seeing ourselves as tenants staying in a building owned by a landlord called Nigeria but rather see ourselves as brothers and sisters staying in our Mother’s house, Mrs Nigeria, Nigeria will become a better place.

We’ve all been clamouring for change of government because we think the government is our problem but the truth is, getting a good government is a secondary solution, the primary solution to the problem in Nigeria is love, peace and unity and then we can make progress.

Language was used as a tool of confusion at the tower of Babel but Nigeria isn’t the tower of Babel so I see no reason, language or culture should be a barrier amongst us.

If Nigeria will ever be great again, as far as I am concerned, the chord of unity amongst every tribe of this great nation needs to be connected together without any loopholes.

“GOD bless all Nigerians willing to allow love reign amidst us, the rest of you ehn, may GOD have mercy on you.”

Lamina Oluwadamilare
All rights reserved

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