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According to the oxford dictionary,
1. Attitude is a settled way of thinking or feeling about something.
2. Truculent or uncooperative behavior.
3. Individuality or self-confidence.
There is a popular saying, “attitude is everything,” this is very correct.
How we react to circumstances we find ourselves in is attitude.
How we relate with people, the things we say to them, what we do to them is attitude.
From the definition, we would realize, one can either have a positive or negative attitude.
Truculent or unacceptable behavior is obviously a negative attitude but individuality and self-confidence can be either positive or negative depending on the way/how or where it`s being exhibited.
Individuality and self-confidence becomes a negative attitude when you find yourself in a group project and instead of working with others in the group to achieve a common goal, you decide to be so confident in yourself, you feel you don`t need them, you will do everything by yourself and succeed, you want personal glory, you want the whole credit for the work given to you, you want to outshine everyone.
Individuality and self-confidence becomes a positive attitude when you decide not to give up like others did, when you dare to be different, when you decide to thread a path different from the one others are threading I.e. you create a path for yourself.
Individuality and self-confidence is a positive attitude when you do not listen to people when they say you cannot make it, (you are just so confident in GOD you become 100% sure you`ll make it no matter what people say or what you face), when you turn their boos and negative words into cheering words to keep you focused and moving towards achieving your goals.
During my days in high school, one of my teachers used to say, “Your attitude in life will determine your altitude in life.” I did not understand this properly until I left high school.
Since I left high school, I`ve realized the man is telling the truth and that quote is indeed powerful. Your attitude towards your academics determines if you succeed or not, your attitude towards your work determines if you`ll be promoted, demoted or sacked, your attitude towards your business determines if it will grow big, remain on the same spot or just collapse, your attitude towards your dream determines if you will achieve them or not( if all you do is imagine and not work towards your dreams, your dreams will remain a fantasy for life so you just have to work towards achieving them.) your attitude towards your family determines if they will love or hate you, your attitude when you find yourself in difficult situations determines if you`ll come out strong and victorious or be defeated and your destiny ruined, your attitude towards the people around you determines if they will love or hate you( though no matter how hard you try to exhibit a positive attitude, some people won`t still like you but at least if you have a good attitude you have more friends than enemies unlike when you have a bad attitude, you have more enemies than friends.)
NOTE: it makes sense to have friends, good friends are a blessing to whomever has them.
Your attitude towards the things of GOD and GOD Himself determines if you will go far in life and also whether you`ll make heaven or go to hell.
You should be convinced by now, attitude is everything and it`s also very reasonable and important to have a positive attitude if you want to go far in life, achieve all of your goals and be the person you`ve always wanted to be.
In difficult situations, be tough, rugged, strong and always pray to GOD. Do not think of suicide as the way out, if you die by committing suicide, you`ll not get a second chance in life and you`re going to hell so just pray and work towards getting out of your difficulties.
When people offend you, forgive and let go, do not keep grudges in your heart, if you don`t forgive and let go, it will cause you unnecessary pain.
In your academics, strive to be the best.
In your work, try to be the best but if you find yourself in a group project, cooperate with everyone in the team and work together to achieve success, do not be after self-glory.
Have a positive attitude towards your family, give them your time not your money alone, love your wife/husband, kids, parents, siblings, show you love them not by the words of your mouth alone but by the things you do to them/your attitude towards them.
Attitude is everything in life, to go far in life, one has to do away with negative attitudes and develop positive ones. Doing it alone might be difficult but if GOD is involved it becomes easy because with GOD, “all things are possible,” one just have to believe and trust in HIM.

Oluwadamilare Lamina
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