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Blame Game

It’s my mum’s fault

I blame her for everything

oh wait! Not her alone,

my dad too, he’s a part

of these.


And my friends too

they didn’t help me

when it was necessary.


My teachers and lecturers too,

those ones, their laziness

is extra-ordinary.


My ex too, she shattered

my heart, she is the reason

I am this way, too scared to

love or trust anyone again.


Shuuussshhhh! Shut up!!!


For how long will you remain

in your comfort zone and continue

to play the blame game?


It might be those people’s fault

in the beginning but if you

remain on a spot and do

nothing about your predicament,

it’ll end up being your fault too.


And you’ll hate yourself for

allowing what people has done or

said to you hold you down from doing

things that would have turned your

life around for good.


You might end up cursing yourself

and probably the day you were born,

you might even want to kill yourself,



To avoid that, whatever has happened,

Whatever anyone has done to you,

You have no choice but to let those

things be in the past while you

focus on the present so you

can work to get a better future.


Learn from those things but

do not let them define you

or determine what happens

in your future.


So, get yourself off the spot you’ve

sat for long and begin to chase your

divine dreams and with the help of the

HOLY SPIRIT of course.


There are times you’ll become weary but

HIS right hand of righteousness will uphold

You and HE will comfort you.


Even when you pass through

danger, HE will be there

to protect you.


There’s really no time

to play no blame game



Get up and chase

your divine dreams and

believe you are not

alone, the HOLYGHOST will help

you through it all, HE will

use people to also help you

if the need for that arises.


Oluwadamilare Lamina


All rights reserved



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