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Instagram dey suck data!!!

“Excuse me oh, this thing is speaking Chinese language” I said with a lil bit of anger and confusion, “but this is pure English now or do you have fever? It simply says, “your time is up,” young man! “how can my time be up when I’ve not even spent a minute here?” I managed to say squeezing my face making it look like something I can’t even describe.
“Well, maybe you should give me #200, that #100 is too small,” she said without minding if that #100 is the last thing on me.
#100 is not small money oh, as a university student in Nigeria, you should feel my pain too.
“And what if I do not give you the #200?”
“then that is your headache, over 1 billion users access a thing or two through me, ranging from fashion to sport and even short videos so minus you is like taking a grain of sand from the Sahara desert so please and please, kindly get lost and if you change your mind and decide to come back because I know you will, don’t come here with your #100 for 50MB or #200 for 100MB nonsense! Come with #500 for 1GB or #1,000 for 2/4GB and above though I do not guarantee that will also last but at least you will satisfy yourself a lil before your time is up again!”
“Seriously, you are nothing but a scam!”
“Just go to facebook or wechat and ehn ehn, 2go, that’s where you belong, I am instagram and I am top class, bye bye.”
“You forgot to add something.”
“and what’s that?”
“You suck people’s hard earned data with hose draining people’s hard earned money in the process too!”
“oh, that’s your headache so deal with it.”
Instagram has been sucking my data with hose for ages, no matter the amount of subscription I do(though my broke ass has never done more than #2000 sub and I can’t even remember the last time I did it.)
Just some minutes there and my network provider is already sending a funny text message, “Dear customer, your data plan will soon expire, please if you do not………. Not what? Will you keep quiet!!
Don’t dear me, if you want to dear me, you should have just said, “Dear customer, your data plan will soon expire but we’ve added extra 500MB-1GB, please enjoy, I would have replied with love emojis if it was possible but anyways to cut the long story short, Instagram dey suck data……

Oluwadamilare Lamina…

thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it?

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